One journey using the heart to feel
Lijiang-Ganmeizi-Lijiang Impression-Blue Moon Valley
The Lijiang Impression is one large-scale live-action performance of original ecology mutually directly by Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue. It takes the grand mountain of Yulong Snow Mountain as the natural background. Its actors include 500 farmers from 10 minorities, who dance with the heaven and earth, and sing with nature with their most natural action, plain singing, and enthusiastic sweat to bring the absolute shock to your heart!
This is one show written with soul.
This is one feast viewed with heart.
You will see your dream dreamt in the daytime here……

The melt water of ice and snow from Yulong Snow Mountain passes through the valley from the east part of Snow Mountain. The moon is reflected on the blue lake surface against the background of blue sky. Furthermore, it is named as “Blue Moon Valley” because that the blue moon valley described by British writer, James• Hilton in Lost Horizon is similar to this.
It is believed that everyone will be amazed that the valley with blue moon in the masterpiece, Lost Horizon appears before eyes. This dreamy place seems to be the mirage on Snow Mountain.
The happy journey begins here