Alili of Naxi nationalities

Alili is a kind of traditional song and dance of Naxi nationality with cheerful and easy fundamental key. You will find Naxi nationalities stand in a circle to perform this tradi...

Reba dance of Naxi nationalities

Reba dance is a kind of Naxi nationality performing form affected by Tibetan nationality, is a kind of group dancing. In the performance, men hold copper bells in their hands and...

Costume of Naxi Nationality

“Drape moon and stars on the shoulders” of Naxi nationalities: women of Naxi nationalities are famous for their hard working, capable, virtuous, and kind-hearted.

Ancient Naxi music: Sound from heaven in the end of the century

Ancient Naxi music also been called Dongjing music, strives for the artistic conception of mystery, peace, and aloof. “Dongjing” is the collective name of Taoism classical scri...

Textual research of Ancient Naxi music

Baisha Soft Music of Requiem is on the edge of vanish. The band of Lijiang National Art Ensemble plays this song according to the full score which was sort out by Institute of Mu...

The most beautiful thing is to listen to the ancient Naxi music at night in ancient city

The most beautiful arrangement at night during the tour of the ancient city is to listen to ancient Naxi music.

Wood Chip Paintings (or Dongba Paintings on Wooden Tablets)

Ancient Naxi people had designed more than 30 kinds of rite activities in total, to solve problems they thought that must be done. Among these rite activities

Dongba Dance and the Dance Notation

Dongba culture is an integrated culture system, which covers the cultures of a nationality for a certain stage.

Dongba Painting—belonging to both pictures and characters

Dongba painting, the most original and representative one of the ancient paintings by ancient Naxi people

Dongba Artworks with Unique Features

Dongba artworks which refer to puppets, flour dolls, clay sculptures and articles made of bamboo produced and used in sacrificial ceremony, are with unique models and vivid image...

Dongba Music—a kind of melody chanted during fete activities

Dongba music which refers to a kind of melody chanted during fete activities and accompanied by instrumental music, is a significant part of Dongba culture.

Dongba Dance—with strong primitive flavor and rigorous movement norms

Dongba dance is a kind of religious dance performed during religious rites performance, which is done by rules in ashram depending on rules of Taoism rites.

Ancient Dongba painting is the most unique Naxi art heritage

Ancient Dongba painting is the most unique Naxi art heritage. When Naxi people hold ceremony, they may draw a variety of Buddhist gods, figures, animals, plants

Dongba paper--- writing carrier of original and ancient Dongba hieroglyphs

Workshop of Dongba paper, "Dongba paper" refers to the paper used for writing Dongba characters, which is not modern paper

Lijiang Mural was the product of open Naxi society

The famous "Lijiang Mural" was the product of open Naxi society in Ming Dynasty, which lasted 300 years from the early Ming to early Qing Dynasty. Late Ming and early Qing dynast...

Culture & customs

The reflection of the evolution of this culture was particularly obvious in ancient Lijiang town with highest chinesization, after the earthquake in 1996 and the rapid developmen...

History of Lijiang

Ancient Lijiang town has eight or nine hundred years of history, which had taken shape in Southern Song Dynasty. Since the Ming Dynasty, Ancient Lijiang town had been called "Day...
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