Dongba paper--- writing carrier of original and ancient Dongba hieroglyphs
Workshop of Dongba paper, "Dongba paper" refers to the paper used for writing Dongba characters, which is not modern paper, but the writing carrier of original and ancient Naxi Dongba hieroglyphs. "Dongba paper" is a handmade craft product, having 1400 years of history and using ancient and simple tools, complex and mysterious production process, which is inherited from their ancestors generation to generation.
The color of Dongba paper is ivory, with the characters of anti-moth, fresh scent, strong absorbency, difficult to change color, and the longer you kept it, the mellower of its scent will be. Besides, "Dongba paper" has the effect of calming the nerves on the human body.
"Dongba paper", which has experienced many changes, now its production process is almost lost. Thanks to the encouragement and support of Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Dongba culture in 1991, so modern Naxi native, Shengwen, saved and inherited handmade craft of endangered "Dongba paper", became "the last Dongba paper successor", and the production of "Dongba paper" was restored in the same year to explore, research the Dongba culture, and the demand of "Dongba paper" as tourism products.
The re-production of “Dongba paper” has been reported in Wen Hei Bao, The Industrial and Commercial Times, National Unity, The Young Companion, China Three Gorges News, and other publications, and also broadcast in the television documentary Naxi Exploration and feature films of The Last Successor of Dongba Paper. In 1991, the samples of “Dongba paper” exhibited on Guangzhou China National Culture Curiosities Fair, which caused great concern of Beijing, Shanghai merchants of painting industry, and there was someone offing about one hundred thousand Yuan to buy the process technology. Houston's Chinese-American Miss Zhang read the report, the donated funds to support this project. Now Dongba paper has developed calligraphy paper, mounting paper, upscale business card paper, embossing bookmark, handmade paper with grass seal, loose-leaf Tripitaka paper and new varieties on the basis of traditional scriptures special paper, which were collect by Dongba culture researchers and foreign guests as treasures.
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