Dongba Music—a kind of melody chanted during fete activities
Dongba music which refers to a kind of melody chanted during fete activities and accompanied by instrumental music, is a significant part of Dongba culture. This kind of music is widely spread orally or fragmentarily saved in Dongba scripture and Dongba paintings. All Dongba scriptures are to be expressed by chanting, except the divination scripture.
Dongba’s aria music is divided into 50 types around, which is chanted based on Naxi ethnic tune and accompanied by ban-ling, pan-ku, gong and China cymbal. It is of sole rhythm and simple spectral point. There is still instrumental music for Dongba religion. In fete activities of Dongba religion, harmonic with distinct rhythm and sonorous tone can be played by combination of instrumental music with harmony movement.
Poetries and verses in Dongba classics, which are not only scriptures recited by Dongba flamen in altar, but also folk songs chanted by flamen and folk singers on singing site, are spiritual wealth jointly created by laboring people. Each nationality has their own unique traditional styles on literary arts, and they are art flowers cultured by aesthetic sentiment of all nationalities.
Verses and folk songs in Dongba scripture are accumulation of traditional culture for framework of Naxi people’s psychological diathesis. Profound research on manifestation mode of traditional literature for each nationality is not only a need for development and arrangement of national culture legacy, but also a necessary project for creation of new culture of socialism.
Articles studying characteristics of verses and traditional folk songs in Dongba scriptures put that “pleasure adding” is the artistic characteristic of verses and folk songs in Dongba scriptures as well as the main artistic method.
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