Dongba Painting—belonging to both pictures and characters

Dongba painting, the most original and representative one of the ancient paintings by ancient Naxi people, are of various kinds, each of which can be regarded as the demonstration of one or several stories. It can be divided into the following types according to their different forms.
Bamboo paintings, which are used for cover binding, theme range, and illustrations of Dongba scriptures, and card paintings in fete and witchcraft. Various painting symbols and rough sketches were shaped. Such kind of paintings were made—dipping pine-soot ink and then painting on the hard paper made from bark with bamboo chip as the pen point. Hence, it is termed as achieving “bamboo paintings”. There were line drawing and colors painting for bamboo paintings, the latter one of which was coated by tip of pine tree flowers with bright and harmonious tones.
Wood chip painting is termed as “Ke Pai” in Naxi language, which is a special painting form used for assisting witchcraft activities. Using writing brush, Dongba people made images on the smooth plank chopped, and then spread colors on it. The wood chip painting, with unique image and grotesque figures, though, has formed its own unique style with its vivid bearing and bright colors.
Scroll painting is the product from combination of art of painting of Naxi with that of Han and Tibetan. There are long scroll paintings, multi-paintings and single paintings, the earlier of which were painted on linen, and the later one were painted on rough white cloth, while minority of which were made on paper. Seen from image, scroll paintings are more accurate than bamboo paintings and they are painted with more colors. Some of the scroll paintings were sketched with gold thread and silver thread thus making the pictures more gorgeous.
Card paintings, some of them belong to bamboo paintings and quite a few of them were made by writing brush. In addition, few of them were made on paper flags to be used for funeral when Dongba people dead.
Additionally, in Dongba scripture, there are numerous paintings named as “character paintings” which have no fixed pronunciation and are just combination of pictures or comic strip to record and describe a certain event. On the whole, they are still included in the category of paintings.
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