Costume of Naxi Nationality
“Drape moon and stars on the shoulders” of Naxi nationalities: women of Naxi nationalities are famous for their hard working, capable, virtuous, and kind-hearted. Their traditional costume has distinctive nationality characteristics and their own unique style. However, the costume is different in different district. For instance, Naxi women live in Dayan of Lijiang County wear cloth garment with big sleeve lifted up to elbow, close-fitting purple or navy blue jackets above the waists, put pants on below the waists, tie black, white, and blue pleated cloth aprons with sky-blue broadside in the waists. They also drape “sheepskin with seven stars” on their shoulders. There are two white long belts upper end of the sheepskin cross the shoulders, crisscross in the front of chest, and then be fastened in the back of the waist. Sheepskin shawl is elegant and graceful not only can be used for ornament but also can be used for warm-up and protect wind, rain, injured shoulder and back in work. Sheepskin shawl is a significant symbol of Naxi nationalities costumers. It usually made of a whole piece of pure black sheep, be cut out square in upper and circle in bottom. A black rim is sewed in the upper, and then seven colored embroidery round cloth disc are sewed, every center of the circle is hanging two sheepskin belts, stand for the Big Dripper, known as “Drape moon and stars on the shoulders,” symbolizes the hardworking Naxi women work from mooning to night. There is another opinion of the sheepskin shawl, people think the shape of square in upper and circle in bottom is just as frog, and the discs on the back are called as “Bamiao” by Naxi people, which mean “the eyes of frog.” This is a product of Naxi nationality which is the fusion of Lijiang native farmer of frog worship.
Ancient customs is still reminding among Naxi women live in Baidi of Zhongdian County. they wear symmetrical pieces long gown, tie with pleated long dress, wear woolen color belt around waist, wear black boots ornamenting with cloud shape cloth in the front, drape white goat skin, and braid hair and twist the braid. Mosuo women live in Yongning of Ninglang County. They are elegant appearance by wear cloth hoods in their heads, big garment, and small jack, tie floor-length dress in their waist.
Unmarried girls of Naxi nationalities like brain their hairs hanging in the back, or wear hood or hat. Most color of young ladies’ costumers is bright, and for the middle-aged and old women, their clothing colors are blueness and black, look like grave and elegance. Women like wear earrings, rings, silver or jade bracelet, gold or silver necklace
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