Alili of Naxi nationalities

Alili is a kind of traditional song and dance of Naxi nationality with cheerful and easy fundamental key. You will find Naxi nationalities stand in a circle to perform this traditional dance in festival and joyful day. Alili is very simple, the dancer hands in hands, one dancer lead a chorus, and the others harmonize, all dancers dance and sing. The melody of “Alili” is regular and the lyric is improvised for describing the happiness. The lyric is sung by a sentence of five words, the last words are sung firstly and then the whole sentence is sung from the first word. General, Naxi nationalities crowns together dance Alili improvised in the squares of stockade village, Ancient Town Square Street, New town Red Sun Square, you can join them as your wish and experience the charm of this ancient national song and dance for yourself.
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