Tour of Humanistic Scenery
After worshipping the holy mountain, it would be well to visit several other sceneries of Huge Yulong. Dongba Park, Dongba Kingdom, Yufeng Temple and Sky-reaching Pillar possess their unique humanities and fine views. They may show the mysterious Dongba culture, or deduce the extremely beautiful mountain and water of Lijiang, which absolutely shall be a Yulong journey deserving your lingering aftertaste.
First day: Experiencing Sunny Spring & White Snow of Yulong Snow Mountain
Yulong Snow Mountain- Spruce Meadow- Yak Meadow- Glacier Park
You can enjoy the fine snow view at all seasons of Yulong Snow Mountain. As there are more sunny days, you have more chances to see Yulong Snow Mountain under the azure blue sky. As the leading role, the Glacier Park of Yulong Snow Mountain shall not be missed. You can touch the glacier for hundreds of millions years with zero distance here by riding the huge cableway to Glacier Park. For the enjoyment of overall Yulong Snow Mountain, you can begin it from Spruce Meadow. Ride the cableway to arrive at the upper station of cable car, and walk to Spruce Meadow by walking at the plank road between woods; the extremely beautiful sceneries during the journey shall not be missed. If you want to get closer to Snow Mountain, you can ride the cableway to arrive at Yak Meadow by selection, the highest altitude of which is 4000 meters. It is the classic scenery of meadow on high mountains, which possesses rich national customs.

Second day: Feeling Dongba Culture of Naxi
Jade Water Village-Super Jade Pillar-Dongba Park-Yufeng Temple-Dongba Kingdom-Baisha Mural
Lijiang Source-Yu Lake, Stone Wall, Taizi Cave, Guanyin Rock-“First global religious painting”, Love Goddess Park-“First global OliteaCamellia”-Hieroglyphics Wall of Dongbai, Naxi Ancient Village-The ecological ethnic village with integration of science popularization, interestingness and natural landscape-Religious Mural paint at Ming Dynasty
The happy journey begins here