Waterscape Tour of Snowy Area
Glacier Park-Blue Moon Valley-Jade Water Village

The glacier is a natural ice evolving through many years' accumulation and metamorphosing of snow.
The glacier contains mainland glacier and mountain glacier, and the latter is divided into continental glacier and sea-based glacier. The glacier of Yulong Snow Mountain is temperate marine-type glacier. Due to the impact of marine monsoon, the glacier has the features of large quantity of accumulated ablation, high ice temperature, obvious bottom slippage, faster movement, and sensitive to climate changes.
Yulong Snow Mountain totally develop 19 modern glaciers, among which the biggest one “ Baishui No.1” glacier (namely the Glacier Park) locates at the bottom of the main peak Shanzidou, with a total length of 2.9 km. Various ice tower forest lies at the end of glacier, showing blue-green light as the result of sunlight refracted, known as “Green Ice Peak”. To enjoy the wonders, Visitors should take tramway to get to the glacier park.

For the reasons of melt snow water of Yulong Snow Mountain flowing down through the valley, and the moon shadow inverts its reflection in water of the blue lake, and the blue moon valley in James Hilton's works “Lost Horizon” is similar to this one, so it is called as “Blue Moon Valley”.
The Blocked by the mountains in the process of flowing, the water of the Blue Moon Valley forms four big lakes, called “Yuye Lake”, “Mirror Lake”, “Blue Lake”, and “Tingtao Lake (Lake of Listening-to-Great-Waves)”. Around the Lakeshore is rich in vegetation, with snow pick beyond as the background. The lake water is transparently blue, decorated with a little green in almost solidified blue. If you look around from center of the lake surface, you can see continuous white clouds floating among the mountains, reflecting in water, all that make you as if being in  a wonderland.

The Yushui village — is the national 4A scenic spot and the succession base of Dongba culture,where the ancient tradition and old and origianal folkway are well preserved,and shine together with natural landscape,that really presents Naxi traditional idea of “Harmonious development between the Nature and Human.”
The happy journey begins here