The most beautiful thing is to listen to the ancient Naxi music at night in ancient city

The most beautiful arrangement at night during the tour of the ancient city is to listen to ancient Naxi music.
Half a century ago, the Russian living in Lijiang, Peter Goullart had ever described vividly the feeling of listening to ancient music in his book of Forgotten Kingdom: "I have never ever heard of such a deep, brilliant, yet so soft, sweet sound of gong, the entire building services seems shake up with its voice, then the musicians stand in awe, one of the oldest man sings one piece of sacred aria with natural voice ...... this music is authentic Chinese classical music, it transcends time and space, and seems to describe the piece of paradise: how quiet and peaceful here, with eternal peace and great harmony ".
Ancient Naxi music is classical music widely spread in Naxi folk, which is known as "living fossil of Chinese music.” Originally, it was central Taoism Dongjing music, which was spread in Lijiang in Ming and Qing Dynasties, and then it integrated Naxi music style in the playing techniques and music processing, which was called "Ancient Naxi Music.”
There are various skills in listening to the ancient music, otherwise you will missing the point. First of all, a good band is necessary. There are a large amount of bands in ancient city, so the best and most representative band is recommended. Walking along the middle of the Dongdajie street and turn east to go across the bridge or walking along the Mishi lane and turn west along the river, you will find a traditional Naxi courtyard easily at No. 74 of Mishi Lane, with a sign of "Lijiang Dayan Ancient Naxi music of China Assembly", which is the oldest and most authoritative of ancient city and has had many successful visit to Europe and Hong Kong, making a stir in domestic and international music circles with their pure and authentic performance.
Secondly, you should be familiar with the music environment. The ancient music assembly is usually held in traditional courtyard houses with running water, willow bank and wood bridge, which presents common music environment of ancient Naxi music. The people in an endless stream will come here to listen to the ancient music at 8:00 every night, with red lanterns hanging in front of the door, and the atmosphere is rustic and warm. Entering into the yard, you will find four huge vats at the corner, with several characters “Music is good for your healthy” (in Chinese Le Yao Yang Sheng), meaning that happiness seems as medicine, which stresses that the music is just like medicine can cure disease in physical and mental and bring a healthy life. The Courtyard house is filled with wooden chairs, stretching to the surrounding roof and corridors. Looking for a suitable place to sit down, you are faced with playing house which is transformed from the principal room, with a variety of quaint and solemn props and musical instruments. You have to know “three old” before listening to ancient music; the first old means an old song, such as Old Man in Qinghe, Ziwei Eight Diagrams Dance, Waves Washing the Sand, A Goat on a Hillside, and other ancient music in Tang and Song Dynasties, which are quite rare in the world. The second old means that the old musical instrument, there are hundreds of years of history of the musical instruments held by the hands of musicians, such as "reed pipe", "Su Gu Du" (Persian lute), "ten Chinese gong chimes" and other musical instruments, which are also rare in the world. That third old means the old artists, among which, the musicians are most seventy or eighty years old from different classes, such as retired teachers, farmers, Maguotou (caravan headman), cobblers, and other old artists with extraordinary experiences and rich life, and these are the values of the old artists.
Finally, the performance program should be noted. A classical music have its specific performance program, you have to pay attention to listen to the explanation of president of classical music, and Mr. Xuan Ke of famous music institute for nationalities. Mr. Xuan Ke has a good knowledge about polyglot, and can narrate in Chinese, English and Naxi language fluently. Usually, the classical music background and Naxi culture will be introduced firstly, followed by a presentation of old artist, and at last the title of the playing song will be introduced, 7 song will be performed for every show for about two hours. Mr. Xuan Ke's speech is contagious, and the classical music often starts in the wonderful and witty speech. The silver hair of musician is floating in the air, with traditional gown and focused look, indeed as precious as cultural relics. In an amazing sound and loud tympany, the song of Eight Symbols will bring people to old age. At present only flickering candlelight, harmonious music, accompanied by vigorous sing of old artist, it sounds like the music of heaven, making the mind blowing. This is China's long-lost music, but you have the honor to hear the miraculous song in ancient city.
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