Snow-Kitchen 5596 of Yulong Snow Mountain
Snow-Kitchen 5596 is located at the foot of Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain. The scenery of Ganhaizi (the location of Restaurant) is beautiful. As the restaurant is equipped with the design of spacious outdoor viewing balcony, you can enjoy Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain from all angles when having dinner here! The restaurant possesses the complete supporting service facilities, and holds more than 3000 customers to have dinner at the same time.
The viewing restaurant of Snow Mountain Catering will provide you the buffet dinners and commercial dinners with various prices, elegant and comfortable dinning environment, fine-quality and secure food when your belly is rumbling with hunger. It will become the energy station for your journey at Snow Mountain.

Various dishes with different prices are customized by Snow-Kitchen Restaurant for your choice:
Buffet dinner:
Hall 2: 48 Yuan/per
Hall 3: 100 Yuan/per
Commercial meal: Green Snow & Special Mountain Restaurant-Yak Chaffy Dish: 128 Yuan/per, 168 Yuan/per, 268 Yuan/per, 368 Yuan/per
Restaurant reservation telephone: 4006225596 
Consulting telephone: 08885307443
The happy journey begins here