Indigo Hotel of Lijiang Ancient Town

Brief introduction:
Indigo Hotel of Lijiang Ancient Town is first international high-grade boutique hotel of the ancient Lijiang town. The ancient Lijiang Town is one of world heritage sites of United Nationals Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization with the history for 8 hundreds years. Located at the south gate for ancient Dayan town of Lijiang, the inn fully integrates with the surroundings of the ancient town and integrates the unique Ancient Tea Route culture of Yunnan into the design skillfully, which creates one warm, free and easy boutique hotel full of personality and local neighborhood culture. You can explore the cultural essence of Ancient Tea Route as much as you like by living here.
Indigo Hotel of Lijiang Ancient Town is located at the south gate for ancient Lijiang town. The ancient Lijiang town is also known as ancient Dayan town; as it is one of the historical towns with best conservation throughout the country, it has become the popular tourism site for domestic and international visitors. The present location of inn is the very strategic pass for caravan to enter ancient Lijiang town at ancient times. With the excellent geographical location of inn, you can drive to the inn directly. It will take 10 minutes to arrive at the center of ancient town, Square Street. It is about 25 km from the inn to Sanyi International Airport of Lijiang, and it will only take 20 minutes by driving to Lijiang Railway Station.
Xingwen Lane 111, Qiyi Street, Gucheng District, Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China, Post code: 674100
Contact way:
Telephone: +86 (0)888 559 9111
Fax: +86 (0)888 559 9777
E-mail: [email protected]
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Opening date:
September 2013
General Manager:
Constance Cheong
P49 Deesign, one famous design company of Thailand integrates the refreshing neighborhood design with the cultures of Naxi nationality and Tibetan as well as the cultural factor of Ancient Tea Route, which creates the inspiration-creating design full of modern smell. The inn connects Yunnan and Tibetan as the modern “Courier station” on ancient tea route, and enables Lijiang to become the significant trading hub. Furthermore, the fascinating natural scenery around the inn, especially the rhododendra all over the mountain and the Yulong Snow Mountain covered with snow all the year round provide rich design inspiration as well.
Room and suite:
There are 69 guest rooms in all at the Indigo Hotel of Lijiang Ancient Town with each area between 50 square meters and 360 square meters. They include:
Superior room of Indigo Hotel-50 square meters
Deluxe room of Indigo Hotel-68 square meters
Deluxe suite of Indigo Hotel-128 square meters
Presidential suite of Indigo Hotel-360 square meters
The rooms are equipped with the following facilities:
-High-tech entertainment system (42-inch flat-screen YV, iPad, iPad base, BOSE loudspeaker box)
-Coffee machine
-Free Wifi wireless internet access
-Hydropathic ablution facility
-High-quality articles for guest rooms
-Mural of neighborhood culture and local artwork
Catering service site, Tea & horse full-time restaurant Charm
You can enter into the restaurant directly from the all-glass landscape elevator, which seems that drink to your heart’s content and expression you emotion with caravan friends at the Ancient Tea Route surrounded by mountains by passing through the space-time. Art decorations made of mushroom on mountains are scattering on the floor of restaurant, which pervades with the smell of mountain forests. In this fresh and natural restaurant, you can not only taste the wild mushrooms with original taste and flavor, Lijiang stuffed bun, Naxi fried rice, boiled rice noodle, local fried cheese with red bean paste and other local dishes of Ancient Tea Route, but also enjoy the foods gathering world flavor.
Seating capacity: 40 persons
Business hours: 6:30 to 22:30 for each day (Breakfast period: 6:30-10:30)
Cha•t-As Yunnan is the hometown of Pu’er tea, the aged fragrant and tasty of tea emit the cultural charm of ancient nationality, which shall last forever.
The cozy teahouse of restaurant provides various famous tea and traditional display of tea art. The exclusive private space is the free courier station for you or tea-tasting and chatting with your friends, which enables you to pursue for the further trace of caravan.
Business hours: 11:00 to 23:00 for each day
「Me Space」-Me space adopts the style decoration of caravan lamp and saddle seat. It provides the ultra-long sofa and broad back, and devotes all the attention to create the comfortable and happy gathering place. Most caravans running on Ancient Tea Route would select to rest within the cave to shelter from wind and rain in that very year, and the design idea of Me Space is derived from this. At Me Space, you can slow down your rhythm to feel the caravan life. You can watch movie, play games with friends, and spend the free and happy time within this specially-designed rabbit hole.
Opening hours: 10:30-22:30 for each day
Service and facility
Meeting and event-The hotel possess one meeting room of 100 square meters, which is delicate and unique by being equipped with meeting facilities. The meeting room can be divided into two small ones flexibly as per different requirements. The innovative meeting full of interests adds energy to your meeting. Furthermore, the private room at tea corridor of hotel is the ideal selection for small commercial meeting.
About Indigo Hotel
As the high-grade boutique hotel brand of Intercontinental Hotels Group and the first global brand of chain boutique hotel of the hotel industry, Indigo Hotel brings the fascinating living experience, natural neighborhood feeling, and city culture to customers with its refreshing neighborhood culture, fresh and natural hotel design, and hospitable service rich in inspiration. As the cultural core of Indigo Hotel, the “neighborhood culture” emphasizes the respective regional features. Therefore, there are not two totally same Indigo Hotels in the world. However, the Indigo Hotels for all cities try to integrate with the cities at design details.
Indigo Hotel came into the market at North America in 2004 and began to come into the Asia-Pacific region in 2008. As this brand expands rapidly globally, 39 hotels have been established at present, and more than 50 hotels are in preparation. The Indigo Hotel at Hong Kong opened in 2013 as well after the Indigo Hotel at Shanghai Bund opened in 2010 and the Indigo Hotels at Xiamen harbor and Haihe River of Tianjin in 2012. Indigo Hotel of Lijiang becomes the fifth hotel of this brand in China.
Indigo Hotel provides the unique experience of boutique hotel, the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere for customers, and the incentive plan for frequent customers 「Priority Club」 of Intercontinental Hotels Group. Aiming at rich visitors seeking for local personalized experience, this brand creates the unique enjoyment integrating historical culture and natural factor for them with brand new concept.
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