Jiuyu Country Inn of Lijiang
Jiuyu Country Inn of Shuhe is located in the northwest corner of ancient Shuhe town, and it is adjacent to the five-star hotel, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts. It is 400 meters from Jiuding Longtan and Sansheng Palace, 350 meters from the Museum of Ancient Tea Route, and 500 meters from original Square Street, all of which are famous Tourist Attractions of Shuhe. The parking lot of the ancient town is located before the door of Jiuyu Country Inn, which is convenient for parking. The traffic is very convenient.
The Inn adopts the structure of ancient architecture with three bedrooms & one screen wall facing the house gate and corner-turning building with passable corridor. As houses of the inn are ancient houses for hundred years with overall wooden structures, the height of first floor is 3.1 meters, the height of second floor is 2.7 meters, the aisles of first and second floors is connected with the width of 2 meters, you can ride horses and raise whips here; therefore, it is named as “Corner-turning building with passable corridor”, which is rare in the whole Lijiang town. The traditional style of Nazi nationality is retained in the yard; there is one Shou between four bats made of tiles and cobblestones, which means four good fortunes offering birthday felicitations. The area is more than 100 square meters, which is the best place for barbecue, national ta t’iao and campfire party. The structure of yard is large, the flowers and woods within the yard are luxuriant and well-spaced with flower flavor for all seasons; the bamboo is dancing and the flowing water gurgled, which shows the dwelling features of Naxi to the greatest extent. There is one perversion feeling of space and time.
There are three floors at the west attached building. They are Village Restaurant, Music & Tea Bar and Red Wine Shop respectively at the first, second and third floors. The business are of each floor is about 100 square meters, which is the sole inn with this function at ancient Shuhe Town at present as well as the ideal place for group meeting and various trainings. Jiuyu Country Inn of Shuhe ever received many small and medium-sized meetings successfully, such as the page seminar of Blue Time, the departmental outward training of Oracle Corporation and the business negotiation meeting of Baogang Group, etc. The organizers of meeting spoke highly of the inn. Furthermore, they said that the memory for meetings held at other hotels is dim, while the meeting held at this inn shall never be forgotten forever.
Aim of Jiuyu Country Inn: Give you one comfortable, free, peaceful and happy home!
The inn provides the free Internet access, free domestic telephone, free airport pickup for 3-day room reservation or free airport pickup and drop-off for more than 5 days. The professional management will let you feel the homecoming! Welcome you sincerely!
The happy journey begins here