Sightseeing Vehicle of Snow Mountain:
Prepared in July 2006, the special vehicle project for tour and sightseeing of Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain is approved to be established by Document No. [2006] 534 Reply on Construction Project’s Approval for Special Environment-protective Vehicle Fleet for Tour and Sightseeing of Yulong Snow Mountain of Lijiang Development and Reform Commission. It is the fully invested project of Yulong Snow Mountain Tourism Development Co., Ltd. of Lijiang (hereinafter referred to as “Snow Mountain Development Company”). The Snow Mountain Development Company established the project entity, Tour & Sightseeing Vehicle Branch Company of Yulong Snow Mountain as per national regulations after the approval of project, which achieved the license of traffic operation issued by the transportation administration department and charging license issued by the provincial Development and Reform Commission, and began official operation in August 2007. It is mainly operate the special tourism route from Visitor Service Center at Ganhaizi to Spruce Meadow, Blue Moon Valley, and Yak Meadow.

In order to carry out the unified, standard, and orderly management for tourism and transportation of Yulong Snow Mountain Tourist Attraction, the Tour & Sightseeing Vehicle Branch Company and the vehicle fleet of Yulong Co., Ltd. carried out the integration in 2012. Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain Tour & Sightseeing Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sightseeing Vehicle Limited Company”) was mutually registered and established by Snow Mountain Development Company and Lijiang Yulong Tourism Co., Ltd. with existing assets and cash investment after the approval of Lijiang State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. The registered capital of Sightseeing Vehicle Limited Company is 20 million Yuan, 80% stock right of which belongs to Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain Tourism Development Co., Ltd., and 20% stock right of which belongs to Lijiang Yulong Tourism Co., Ltd. The company possesses 66 sightseeing buses and 172 employees at present. The operation of tour & sightseeing vehicle for Yulong Snow Mountain has generated the completer and more professional operation mode, and achieved better economical benefits and good social benefits. The company has submitted the tax & interest for 54.68 million Yuan, provided jobs for more than 170 persons and made proper contributions to Lijiang tourism since the beginning of its operation.
The Sightseeing Vehicle Company has always stuck to the operation concept of “Safety first” and “Service foremost” since its establishment. It is the company with standard management and complete system. No major safety responsibility accident has ever occurred from the beginning of its operation up to now. It was rewarded as the highest honorary title, “Pioneer of National Workers” by All-China Federation of Labor in 2009. The Sightseeing Vehicle Company has developed into the “Window” image unit of Yulong Snow Mountain Tourist Attraction at present.
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