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Yulong Scenic Spot · THE SPRUCE MEADOW
In Naxi language, it is called “Wu-Lu-You-Cui-Ge”, the land of dying for love, which is the spiritual homeland for ancient Naxi young men and women in pursuit of perfect love. In the Naxi Dongba classic “Lu-Ban-Lu-Rao”, this place was described as an ideal Eden, where people made white deer to plough, red tiger to ride, and pheasant bird to herald the break of a day, and made wine with white snow, where trees hung gold fruits, and the air was clean without flies, that is, “Jade Dragon Third Kingdom” in Naxi legendary.
Here is an alp meadow of flowery sea, surrounded by tall and dense Spruce forest, where you may feel far from earthling's world and be brought into the Xanadu⋯⋯
Scenic spot ticket ·THE SPRUCE MEADOW
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