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Yulong Scenic Spot · Yulong Snowmountain
Yulong Snow Mountain lies between E100°4‘2“-100°16’30”
and N27°3‘2“-27°18’57”,and the scenic areas cover 415km2. With snow covered all the year, the main peak, Shanzidou is at the altitude of 5,596 m.  The temperate maritime glaciers on the Asia-Europe Continent which is nearest to the equator shapes here.
Yulong Snow Mountain is called “Olu” in Naxi Language, which means silver rock. It is always covered with snow and an extensive chain of 13 snow peaks looks like a flying dragon, so called “Jade Dragon”. And because the mountain lithology is mainly made up of limestone and basalt, it is also called “Black-White Snow Mountain”. yulong Snow Mountain, the avatar of Naxi guardian god “Sanduo” in legend, is a holy mountain of Naxi people.
There are rich natural resources and human culture in Yulong Snow Mountain, main developed scenic spots at present time are the Glacier Park,Ganhaizi,the Blue-moonvalley,Spruce Meadow,Yak Meadow,Yushui Village,Dongba Valley,Yuzhuqingtian,Dongba Gods' Garden,Dongba Kingdom, Jade Peak Temple and  Baisha Mural.
Yulong Snow Mountain has been ranked as one of the national 5A scenic areas in the first batch appraisal.
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