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Yuzhuqingtian, the national 2A scenic spot, mainly includes scenic spots of Characters on Megalith Cliff, Prince Cave as well as Kwan-yin Rock. When climbing on the height of 30m, we can see four Chinese characters” Yu Zhu Qing Tian” carved upright in the crag, which was inscribed by Yang Bi, a banished official who was the first magistrate of Lijiang, in Yongzheng times, the Qing Dynasty; And down on the left the crag, four Chinese characters “Yu Bi Jin Chuang” were carved sidelong, which was inscribed by Nie Rui, an auxiliary official of Lijiang county in 1725.  
Looking up on the height place, Yulong Snow Mountain comes in our eyes like an over-sky jade pillar, which can support the blue sky; Looking down back, the wide flat land and broad rurality give us a panoramic view.
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