Transportation of Snow Mountain
Lijiang Railway Station:
1. Take Bus 18 at the bus platform of station square after getting off the train to the downtown.
2. Take a taxi.
3. Share cars with others.
Lijiang Passenger Station:
1. Lijiang Passenger Station is located at Kangzhong Road. Take Bus 8 outside the station to the downtown.
2. Lijiang High-speed Passenger Station is located at Shangri la Avenue of Gucheng District (downtown).
Lijiang Sanyi Airport:
1. Arrive at Blue-sky Hotel by taking the airport bus with 15 Yuan/per, and then transfer to other transportation means.
2. Take a taxi.
3. Share cars with others.
There are several methods from the downtown to Yulong Snow Mountain Tourist Attraction:
I. Travel on Code of Taobao: the ticket price of shuttle bus of Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain Tourist Attraction on “Travel on Code” is CNY 20 Yuan/per; you can take the bus at Yuhe Parking Lot. The bus will set off at 8:30a.m.and return to the city at 16:30p.m. Ticket booking method: T-mall flagship store of Lijiang Yulong Tourism
II. The ticker price for direct bus to Snow Mountain at Lijiang White-deer Travel Agency is CNY 40 Yuan/per (the pick-up service around the ancient town is provided); you can take the bus at Yuhe Parking Lot. Ticket booking method: the registering address is No. 2-3, Region C, Yuhe Corridor, Gucheng District, Lijiang (opposite of Tianyu Hotel); Contact telephone: 4006886303
III. Chartered bus:
1. The specific price for self-service chartered bus is determined by the driver. You can arrive there by sharing cars with others.
2. Chartered bus by inn for you: it is about CNY 300 Yuan for one car, CNY 400 Yuan for one off-road vehicle and CNY 500 Yuan for one commercial vehicle.
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