Visitor Center
Visitor center, also known as "tourist center" or "tourist reception center," is a main window for external image display of tourism areas, mainly displaying cultural and image of tourism area. The visitor’s center provides accommodation, food, guided tours, entertainment and other integrated service for visitors, which is a comprehensive service area focusing on tourist reception, image display and other integrated services.
Visitor service center of Yulong Snow Mountain Tourist Attraction is located in the famous tourist attraction -Ganhaizi, which provides visitors the following consulting services:
(I) Tourist information consultant: Provide visitors with related consulting service, including tourist attraction and tourist resources introduction, tourist attraction image display, regional transportation weather information, cableway information, travel agency service and matters need attention.
(II) Tourist complaints handling: Protect the legitimate rights and interests of tourists and tour operators, timely and effectively handles tourist complaints and disputes, in order to avoid major adverse events, and maintain tourism image of Yulong Snow Mountain.
(III) Tour order management: Rationally allocate and dredge passenger flow volume, as well as gather and distribute tourist by broadcasting travel card order, warm prompt, and guidance of the flowing consulting service post personnel so as to ensure safe and orderly.
(IV) Other tourist services: Umbrellas, crutches rent, free charging, lost and found, broadcasting station service of person search and love convenience service will be provided for tourist for free
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