Quality Supervision
1. Responsibility and authority of quality supervision center
1.1 Be overall responsible for various works of management committee and quality supervision and management of Yulong Snow Mountain Tourist Attraction, supervision, inspection and rectification of irregularities, non-compliance and violations various management aspects according to the standards of National 5A tourist attractions issued by the National Tourism Administration and the standards of National civilized scenic, and timely feedback to their superiors.
1.2 Carry out quality supervision and inspection works in the tourism area.
1.3 Organize and carry out knowledge propaganda of quality supervision business, skills training, and constantly improve and evaluate the quality of service awareness of tourism professionals;
1.4 Be responsible for internal audit of quality system certification of management committee.
1.5 Be responsible for carrying out all the works of Yulong Snow Mountain Tourist Attraction management system, including the establishment of the system, planning, documentation, internal audit, evaluation, monitoring the implementation and so on.
1.6 Be responsible for relevant works of third-party audits.
1.7 Be responsible for overseeing internal working procedures and quality of work of Management Committee.
1.8 Be responsible for overseeing the quality management performance work of enterprise in Yulong Snow Mountain tourism area.
1.9 Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.
2. Contents and requirements of quality supervision center
2.1 Be familiar with the relevant laws and regulations, policies and regulations of quality supervision business in accordance with the need of management transaction, improve and implement the quality supervision and inspection of the management system and methods of the tourist attraction.
2.2 Be familiar with the basic norms of quality management system, authentication rules, quality management procedures, and the National Certification and Accreditation Administration Regulations, which should be expertly used in the quality management work of tourist attraction.
2.3 Adopt a pioneering and innovative spirit to strive to make achievements in the quality supervision fields of the tourist attraction.
2.4 Strictly formulate departmental plans, and push forward orderly quality, order, security, health and other matters supervision and management of tourism service as planned of tourist attraction.
2.5 Handle every quality supervision with objective and impartial attitude, check out the unqualified, non-standard projects, seriously meta-analysis, and strengthen the implementation of rectification.
2.6 Be responsible for quality supervision examination, summarize, collect and record various materials, meetings, etc., and preserve trace data to be investigated.
2.7 Be responsible for handling complaints from tourists and other work in tourist attraction.
2.8 Cooperate with the comprehensive examination of Golden Week holidays, holidays and festivals, daily self-test and self-correction, and supervise the implementation of the rectification.
2.9 Be responsible for construction of honesty and faithfulness and supervision and management of the tourism unit.
2.10 Complete the drafting and elaboration of various standards of Tourism Standardization System Table of Yulong Snow Mountain according to the requirements of the National Tourism Administration tourism standardization pilot work, combining with the national mandatory standards and voluntary standards and relevant industry standards and regional standards.
2.11 Widely collect and review the standardized documents and materials submitted by various departments and enterprises to complete preparation work of Tourism Standardization System Table of Yulong Snow Mountain timely with good quality.
2.12 Gradually implement the standardization system in the area upon completion of the standardization system and establishment of the relevant basic work, constantly revise and improve in the trial process, in order to ensure that every standard complies with relevant norms and have a strong operability.
Purposefully carry out tourism standardized professional knowledge training according to a standardized implementation plan, to improve the standardization awareness of cadres and workers and cultivate high qualified standardized talent team of tourist attraction.
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